Our team of lighting designers and specialists work closely with architects, contractors, consultants, interior designers and clients. We develop solutions based on usage, function, international standards for lighting levels for various applications, and light quality at optimum cost for commercial, residential, hospitality, retail, public and industrial sectors. We also advise on the right type of luminaire and decorative fittings required to achieve the desired aesthetic and functionality for the project.

Concept Design

The initial stage begins with meetings with the architects, interior designers and client to understand the project requirements. A preliminary design proposal is then created with illustrations to convey the lighting design taking into account user needs and preferences; psychological needs; space functions; visual tasks; quantity/quality of lighting; glare and visual comfort issues; architectural features; coordination with daylight; color temperature and color rendering issue; flexibilty of function; controls requirements; security issue; life-safety considerations; budget concerns; operating costs and maintenance issues.

Preliminary Design

In this stage the concept is developed by providing various mood images, sketches, 3D renderings and even animations. In addition, preliminary lighting layouts on plans or elevations, schedules indication the type of luminate and lamp proposed

The designer begins the process of coordination with other building systems such as HVAC ductwork and outlet locations architectural features and constraints furniture locations automated shading systems etc. Lighting calculations in compliance with international standards are provided. If rquired full scale mock ups to replicate anticipated lighting effects are built at this juncture.

Design Developments & tender Documents

The client and architect reviews and approved schematic lighting design is developed further and refined in this process. The budget load schedules and control schedules are also prepared during this stage. Data sheets of specified luminaires are prepared for tendering. Final layouts, BOOs, diagrams and load schedules are then released for tendering.

Tender Evaluation & Commissioning

Product availability is investigated and critical path equipment such as specialized or customized luminaires are noted and monitored. An evaluation of all received bids is done to guarantee the performance and efficiency of the lighting systems. A report is issued to the client after reviewing the bids. Our team visits to ensure installation is executed as per instructions. The final report is then submitted to client after installation and testing is complete.